Our Gold Standard Plus Award winning snacks and meals provides the perfect fuel for growing minds.

We only serve wholesome meals, cooked from scratch, using fresh, seasonal ingredients. All food is prepared by our highly trained Chef, in our 5 Rated, onsite kitchen.

We never serve jar, packet or processed food. All our meals are also low in salt and sugar.

Our Chef can adapt all meals to cater for a range of dietary requirements; including Vegetarian, Vegan and food intolerances.

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Our Baby Room can cater for mums who wish to continue breastfeeding. Feeding mums are provided with a comfortable chair and a quiet area where they can relax with their baby, within the nursery setting. Mums can also provide expressed milk for their baby’s bottle time at nursery.

Our meals are adapted for the younger children who are beginning the weaning process. Our highly experienced practitioners can advise and assist you throughout this time.

As children grow in confidence our practitioners encourage further independence by:

  Moving from a spoon to a fork/knife

  From beakers to cups

  Pouring their own drinks and cereal

  Buttering toast and making sandwiches

  Chopping fruit and vegetables


The nursery receives regular visits from the Design To Smile Team who encourage improved dental health for Early Years children. From the age of 18 months, children are supported by practitioner to brush their teeth, once/twice a day, within nursery.

We have been awarded a Design To Smile Award for our commitment to children’s Oral Health.


We encourage the children to be active by providing unlimited access to our outdoors areas, organising walks along the Taff Trail, visiting local farms and parks and having visits from dance teachers/sports coaches.

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